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3D Photogrammetry

Today, confined space photogrammetry enable us to recreate 3 dimensional interior of built units like silos, tanks or pipes. The solutions provided by Multinnov in this field allow our machines to recover all the necessary informations during their flights to make the 3D restitution of their surroundings.

 There are several advantages. It is possible to take precise measurements of distance, area, and volume of the flight zone from the generated 3D rendering.

The transcription of the structure textures enables any defects visible to the camera to be identified and located with extreme precision. This simplifies the decision-making process concerning these defects thanks to a better knowledge of their extent and location.

Another photogrammetry great advantage is the ability to detect structural movements. Indeed, during a classic drone analysis, a collapsed built part can go unnoticed due to the absence of visible camera depth-field of view. However, this information will reappear during the creation of the 3D rendering of the area, thus making a defect that would otherwise have gone unnoticed visible again.

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Photogrammetry demonstration