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Confined spaces inspections


Confined spaces are danger sources for human beings. From simple mechanical risks (jamming, crushing, …) to chemical risks (hypoxia, poisoning, explosions, …) men are put to the test in these environments.

Facing such risks, PPE and marking are effective solutions, but limiting the need to enter confined areas is the most effective solution to these dangers.
At Multinnov we strive to create solutions to protect operators by preventing them from exposing themselves.

Our UAVs are able to move without any difficulty in confined environments, protecting the operators and reducing maintenance  oerations time and costs.

Industrial inspection

visual inspection ITV after explosion

Today, the industry needs their tools routine and integrity checks to be as short as possible. Here At Multinnov, our solutions enable us to drastically reduce the time required to check infrastructures and tools while protecting the various players from the exposure risks to the dangers inherent in these checks. The application fields are countless.

Nuclear power plant

 The intervention of a drone can greatly reduce the duration of a unit outage, which is estimated to be a net loss of 1 million euros per day.

In addition, the use of a drone is much less expensive than the assembly of scaffolding by a trained person.
Finally, it is possible to fly the drone from outside a risk area without handicapping the machine in its mission.

Power plant inside inspection by UAV

Maritime needs

UAView Stereo control inside cargo

Ballast tanks control, cargo unloading cranes, control of engine rooms or cargo holds and so on, the UAView HD is capable to evolve in these environments and passing through manholes without any risk to itself or the operators around.

Structure control by drone
Visual corrosion control

Controls on production and storage units

Plant controls are essential to ensure the safety of a company but are to often time consuming and expensive. Furthermore in these environments, the constraints are very different, as the spaces can be very cramped or on the contrary extremely large. The use of UAVs in Oil and Gas industries is judicious to limit the inspections time required. On the other hand, it limits the human risk in confined spaces or on scaffolding.

With Multinnov, inspections requiring several hours to several days of downtime and the intervention of significant human and material resources can be carried out in only a fraction of this time, between team shift and with minimal risk.

tanker inspection by UAView HD
oil and gas inspection by drone

Underground inspection

Underground inspections comes with tremendous safety constraints for their operators. The risks of collapse as well as the various gases buried below the surface lead to major risks for human beings (hypoxia, poisoning, explosions). Multinnov’s solutions make it possible to overcome these factors by sending a machine observe instead of a human being.

Mining industry

Gallery inspection by Multinnov

The use of a UAV is particularly suitable for inspecting collapsed galleries. It is also possible to send a UAV to check the correct operation of a conveyor belt, or to check the inside of machines such as crushers without having any personnel inside.

Stockpiles can also be inspected without any risk of collapse and burial for the operator.


It is possible to use a UAV to do cave recognition and even map natural formations. All this while reducing the time needed to accomplish these tasks and improving operator safety. Coupled with photogrammetry technology it is an exceptional tool for scientific research in geology.