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MAVIC PRO 2 enterprise 360° lite protective cage

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Our protective cage 360° lite for industrial inspection in confined space anti shocks Mavic PRO 2 has been designed to revolutionize the world of industrial inspection. Made mainly of carbon and structured in the shape of a honeycomb, it will allow you to fly while keeping lightness, comfort, security but also massive collision tolerance.

Developed on a fixe cage 360° , it will allow it not to alter the performance of the drone in action and thus to tame any wall thanks to its shape. The cage is disgned to allow the use of drone sensors for optimal fly with your Mavic PRO 2

To improve your expertise, the video feedback will initially allow you to check and refine your research at the same time as the flight is carried out, but also to guide the remote pilot more efficiently. Finally, of course it will allow you to obtain a better concentration for a better expertise.

Example of interventions :

  • Bridge, structure
  • Inside any building
  • Checking assembly, welding, crack…

Important note: it is important to identify the flying environment, especially to pay attention to the presence of metal. Indeed, metal induces compass errors on DJI UAVs that can lead to crashes.

As an option, we offer you a lighting system consisting of one powerful LED. Indeed, the inspected environments may lack brightness.