Drone parachute 8m²

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Parachute developed by MULTINNOV. His square form is more stable and more effective compared with an elliptic parachute for an equivalent surface. It is compulsory for all upper drone in 2kg in the French air space. The limitation of impact of the parachute of help function of the weight of the drone should not exceed 69J.

It allows to respect the regulations DGAC in terms of energy of impact of 69J for a weighing drone until 12kg.

  • fabric in PN9

  • Suspension lines in Dyneema

  • Maximum resistance: 150 kG

  • Weight: 350 grams

Curve of fall of a 6.5 kg drone equipped with the parachute 3.5 m ² Multinnov. The curve starts some eviction of the parachute of the pod of ejection until the stabilization of the drone. The drone is stabilized at a speed of fall of 4 m/s, is an energy of 52 joule impact.