Ejection pod for drone with 8m² parachute

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Kit allowing to approve a drone up to 12 kg

This system allows to eject parachutes until 8m ². It is thus used for jumbo jets which want to be approved by the DGAC or other international regulations.

The system of ejection is based on the energy stands out. The parachute is spread deployed within one second thanks to the power of ejection of the system.

It is equipped with a pin of safety, with a driving servo pilotable classically with a signal PWM..

The parachute is not in compression contrary for several present systems at present on the market. The parachute does not thus lose its power of opening when it is expelled from the pod.

  • Weight: 267 grams (withoutparachute)
  • Maximal surface of usable parachute: 8m²
  • Energy ejection: spring
  • Dimensions: height 170mm, diameter120mm
  • Composition: aeronautics carbon tube, PLA
  • Parachute 8m² supplied

Demonstration of the power of ejection of a parachute of 6m ² by the spring device: