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Engine cut system by PWM and release parachutes for drone

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This system is a simple and effective solution to allow its drone a general power cut of engines while maintaining the supply of the card of flight and allows the release of a system parachute by means of a driving servo. He can cut up to 8 engines. We have the possibility of increasing the number of engine if need be. This kit answers to 100% the regulations in force concerning the safety of third people. See on here the current situation of the requirements of the DGAC and what this product answers.

Principe de fonctionnement du 2SCMD :

Normally flight configuration ; The card 2SCMD gets back signals at the release of the controller of flight to broadcast them in the various variators. The system thus behaves as an extension lead of servo.

In emergency configuration; The card stops sends it signals to the various variators and sends them a signal so that engines stop.

Once the driving made stop sign the servo receives an order to activate a system of parachute then a warned buzzer the people that the drone is in trouble.

  • Weight: 136 grams
  • Cut engine by PWM signal
  • Dimensions: 17/48/65 mm
  • Composition: Industrial ABS
  • Buzzer of110 dB at 1 mètre
  • Crypted key 868 MHz, range2km
  • Delivered with batteries