UAView Optical Flow mission

UAVIEW Optical Flow, is an inspection drone, surrounded by 360° protection, it has been designed to analyze industrial environments. Its Optical Flow option allows it to inspect pipes and other underground galleries. Thanks to this “Optical Flow” feature, the UAV can be stabilized at an altitude of 50cm from the ground. In addition, the drone maintains its position in X/Y thanks to its image processing optics. The drone has the ability to do field monitoring, while being able to stabilize without the help of an indoor GPS. It is specially designed to be highly tolerant to collisions in confined spaces. This version is equipped with a 4K camera and an autonomy of 9 minutes.
Its largest dimension is 33 cm wide/long, which gives it the possibility to walk where the remote pilot wants, and this, very easily and safely.  UAVIEW Optical Flow can be used to inspect, for example, the inside of nuclear power plants, pipelines, pipelines, pipelines, petrochemical industry, tanks and other places where human risks are avoided, as well as structures that have been weakened by damage. UAVIEW Optical Flow for a company is a saving of time, money and a reduction of human risk.

Flight case

Optimal lighting

High-performance lighting allows for better quality images. That is why UAView Optical Flow is equipped with 6 LED panels. This provides a light opening on a half sphere towards the front. The quality of the light allows a safer control both underwater and on sight.

Two LED panels are attached to the camera, as the camera can be rotated 180°. 90° tilt up and 90° tilt down. This allows both top and bottom illumination.

It is thus about 12,000 lumens that work in order to be able to fly both day and night, and a lighting of variable power to avoid glare from the camera on reflective parts.

Flight mode

A first for a confined space inspection drone. The use of an optical sensor to maintain the position of the drone without GPS. This guarantees you a serene flight in a very restricted environment.

The LIDAR for maintaining altitude above ground allows you to fly the drone without focusing on the evolution of the drone’s altitude.

The combination of an altitude maintenance LIDAR and position maintenance optics makes the UAV very easy to fly in a confined environment. The possibility of field tracking allows the remote pilot to easily control the drone and therefore make data acquisition very efficient.

3D modelisation possibilities

You can set the sensor to take pictures at regular intervals. The orientation of the camera, the free field of view of the camera, the multi-directional lighting system and the stability of the UAV will allow you to make high quality photogrammetry indoors.

The technical inspection associated with photogrammetry will allow you to dimension volumes, distances, and other measurements. UAView Optic Flow becomes a powerful and complete inspection tool.

More information on the page: Confined space photogrammetry

Deporting the radio link

The use of a range extension can be useful, especially when inspecting galleries or pipelines down below, or simply the obligation of the remote pilot not being close to the environment inspected by the UAV (risk of anoxia, risk of falling materials…). The range extender is installed in about 2 minutes and allows the communication link between the ground station and the UAV to be maintained.

Below, an animation explaining how it works:

The main technical information


Weight846 grams with battery/625 without battery
Length-width-height-diagonal35-35-19-46 cm
Flight time9min (flight time recommanded 8min)
Power/frequency video transmission25 mW, spectrum 5.8GHz (ISM) omnidirectional
LED power6 controllable LED panels / 12 000 lumens
Camera4K, 12MP, FOV 150° 16/9
Battery4S 2200 mAh

Remote controller

FrSky Lite ProCertification EU/FCC
Range (free space)> 2km
radio linkDuplex
Autonomy10 hours
Possibilty of range extenderYes, 10 meters

Screen video

Reception video-90 dBm
Reception modeDiversity
Range (free space)Omnidirectional: >500m
Autonomy4 hours (possibility to extend autonomy)

Underground inspection