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Multinnov is specialized in robots for confined space inspections


Crawler for pipe inspection

2 hours of operating time
10 000 lumens
Float and sail
Lightweight (4kg)


UAV for confined inspection

Perfect stabilization in space
12 000 lumens
Surface following assistance
Flight time 12 min

Improving safety in industrial and confined spaces

Our technical solutions like the Stereo2 eliminate human risk during confined space inspections. These missions consist of checking the state of metal structures, checking corrosion levels, and measuring deformation and cracks, by rendering a 3D model using photogrammetry. Companies around the world strive to reduce their inspection costs meanwhile regulations become more and more restrictive. Multinnov builds technical solutions with the latest technologies on the market. We develop them by ourselves in order to follow the needs of international players. Our designs and engineering office are constantly evolving so our products and services satisfy an increasingly greater and more sophisticated demand.

Drones are more efficient than traditional means

By using a robot, you eliminate while also evaluating risks in less time than the traditional manner.

The ROView easily evolve in industrial environments such as nuclear, petrochemical, maritim, underground in geological formations, inside pipelines for remediation and sewer projects.

Drones in confined space inspection are :

Reducing by a factor of 2 to 5 the time needed to set up an inspection (such as building the scaffolding, requiring qualified personnel) while completely eliminating the risks for humans, saving time and expenses of a technical inspection.

Using a drone can decrease the intervention cost up to 70% !

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