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Multinnov is specialist in robots for confined environments inspection

UAV manufacturer and service provider thanks to our specific robots.

Improving safety in industrial and confined spaces

Our technical solutions like the UAView Stereo eliminate human risk during confined space inspections. These missions consist of checking the state of metal structures, checking corrosion level, measuring deformation and cracks, by rendering a 3D model using photogrammetry. Companies around the world aspire to reduce their inspection costs meanwhile regulations become and more restrictives. Multinnov builds technical solutions with the latest technologies on the market. We develop them by ourself in order to follow the needs of international players. Our designs and engineering office are constantly evolving so our products and services satisfy an increasingly greater and more sophisticated demand.

Drones are more efficient than traditional means

By using a robot, you eliminate while also evaluating risks in less time than the traditional manner.

The UAView Stereo easily evolve in industrial environments such as nuclear, petrochemical, maritim, underground in geological formations, inside pipelines for remediation and sewer projects.

What can Multinnov do for you ?

Available throughout Europe

Today, Evolving in complex environment has become much easier thanks to the new technologies implemented.

Aerial UAVs or terrestrial UAVs called rovers, thanks to their stability, powerful lighting and stabilization without GPS, allow you to explore previously unreachable places without specific piloting skills.

From now on, a few flight time hours are sufficient to consider flying indoors. Visual inspection can be carried out in a short time with a 4K camera that shoot with maximum details during diagnosis. Our airborne vectors, enclosed in their 360° protective cage, are crashworthy and can withstand collisions to forgive pilot’s error. The camera, which can be rotated through 180°, enables the defects to be spotted at the top and bottom of the UAV’s vertical axis.

Seeing the ceiling, such as metal girders, lifelines, corrosion or deformation, is easily done with the camera tilted upwards and adapted lighting power.

Moreover, flights in confined space are not subject to general aviation regulations, which does not require the telepilot to be approved by any aviation administration. 

Drone solutions for every missions

Multinnov carries out televised inspections (known as ITVs) throughout Europe.

Our staff is qualified in different activities such as nuclear and petrochemical sectors. Use of the caged aerial UAV, terrestrial rover with a full HD digital video feedback are our assets.

There is the possibility of deporting the radio and video link with the Range Extender, in order to inspect a place that cannot be penetrated by man, but where the UAV will have to operate. These accessories allow us to take actions in every confined space existing.

Following the inspection, a technical report can be produced in order to provide customers with the abnomalities spotted during the intervention.

The reactivity of our intervention team enables us to meet your needs even in an emergency, even in less than 24 hours if needed.

Our team of pilots will intervene with a minimum of 2 robots to ensure the total success of the contracted need. The volume of on-board batteries systematically allows us to intervene for the whole day at the very least.

A Multi-skilled trained team

Our UAVs and our team can intervene in pipelines, geological underground galleries, thermal chimneys, power stations (power nuclear plant), thermal power stations, coal-fired power stations, petrochemical tanks, ventilation ducts, all types of industry, shopping centres..

Confined space inspection is :

Reducing intervention cost by at least 70%, reducing from 2 to 5 times the time needed, to set up an inspection (such as building the scaffolding, requiring qualified personnel) while completely eliminating the risks for humans, saving significantly time and expenses of a technical inspection.

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Multinnov specialist in UAV confined environments inspection

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Multinnov specialist in UAV confined environments inspection

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