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Multinnov specialist in robots UAV for confined space or environment inspections

Confined Environments Inspection

When you need experts in confined environments inspection services, look no further than Multinnov. We have years of experience working in difficult areas and understand the challenges of mitigating the risk of inspecting them. Many confined spaces pose a risk to human life. From chemical risks like explosions, hypoxia, and poisoning to mechanical risks such as crushing or jamming, we remove these risks with our confined environments inspection expertise.

While PPE and marking provide effective solutions to the problem, eliminating or limiting the need to enter these areas in the first place is the best solution. We provide the answer with solutions that protect your operators from exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.

Our UAVs Reduce the Risk To Your Teams

Our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are able to negotiate confined environments with ease to carry out thorough confined environments inspections and total peace of mind that the risk to your maintenane is greatly reduced. We’ll also save you maintenance and operational costs in the process. We also reduce the time it takes to carry out routine and integrity checks.

The Best Solution For Industrial Inspections

We know that many industries put time constraints on these tasks and we help you to fulfill your obligations without any compromises on quality or thoroughness. From checking infrastructure to tools, we carry out confined environments inspections in the most efficient way possible.

Reduce Outages and Downtime in Nuclear Plants

Our UAVs can also greatly reduce downtime and unit outages. These can cost your organization a net loss of 1 million euros a day. A confined environments inspection with a drone costs much less than the assembly of scaffolding by trained personnel. We are also able to pilot the drone from outside the area of risk without causing any issues to the UAV in its mission.

Confined Environments Inspections in Maritime

Our UAVs are also the ideal solution for carrying out confined environments inspections in maritime environments. From cargo unloading cranes and ballast tanks control to control of engine rooms and cargo holds, etc. our Stereo 2 is able to navigate these areas, passing through manholes and other small openings without any risk to the equipment or any operators in the vicinity.

Production and Storage Units Inspection

Plant controls are an essential consideration for any business serious about safety but can often be expensive and time-consuming to put in place. These areas can also differ greatly. Some can be extremely large while others are very cramped. UAVs can reduce inspection times greatly and can limit the human risk involved. Whether you need to arrange a confined environments inspection in the oil or gas industry, we can help.

Here at Multinnov, we help with the inspection of production and storage units by offering a service that reduces inspections down to a fraction of the time they would usually take. If you currently arrange inspections that take several hours or days and the intervention of human and material resources, get in touch with our team to find out about our viable alternative.

The Ideal Solution For Underground Spaces

Arranging underground inspections can be risky and comes with huge safety constraints for operators. Not only is there the risk of collapse to worry about but the release of gases below the service pose a major risk to human life. Our solutions make it possible for companies to reduce the risk to their human operators by sending down a machine to carry out the inspection.

Our UAVs can be sent in to assess collapsed galleries, check the correct operation of equipment, and also check inside machines such as crushers. And all of this without any personnel needing to enter the underground area. We get in and we get out, carrying out a thorough inspection that you can trust. Our UAVs can also help with cave recognition and mapping natural formations. We do all of this and more while reducing the risk to your operators and the time it takes to carry out such confined environments inspections. Together with our photogrammetry technology, our UAVs provide an exceptional way to carry out scientific research in geology.

Years of Experience in Confined Environments Inspection Services

Here at Multinnov, we have years of experience in carrying out confined environments inspections for our clients. From checking the state of metal structures to measuring cracks and deformation in a geological environment, our systems are your eyes and ears in places where it would be risky to end a human. Companies around the world depend on our services to reduce inspection time and costs without compromising on inspection quality or safety. We’ve invested in the latest technologies on the market today to ensure we bring you the best results with every inspection we carry out.

We save you the cost of erecting scaffolding or investing in inspection equipment by providing UAVs that put you in control of your environment. In confined spades, our confined environments inspection UAVs come into their own, providing you with a birdseye view and the same level of precision a human could achieve, possibly even greater thanks to our HD images. From capturing images from the ceiling of your space to getting through manholes and small openings that would be a challenge for a human, we’re at the top of our game and the top of our client's minds when they need to inspect a cramped space.

Contact Us Today To Arrange Your First Inspection of Many

With our years of experience carrying out confined environments inspection services, you can trust us to take care of your needs and tailor our services to your exact specification. Whether you need us to intervene in pipelines, thermal chimneys, power stations, thermal power stations, ventilation ducts, or petrochemical tanks, we’d be delighted to assist. Speak to our team today to find out more about our services and how we can help you to carry out confined space inspections without the risk to human life and in less time.

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