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Multinnov specialist in robots UAV for confined space or environment inspections

Confined Space Drone

A confined space drone is designed to get into the tightest and most cramped of spaces. We help you to protect your operators from risk and harm by sending in our drone to carry out inspections. We have years of experience working in challenging environments and locations and understand how important it is to reduce the risk to life, reduce the time it takes to carry out inspections and reduce costs. Many confined spaces pose a risk to human life. From mechanical risks such as jamming or crushing to chemical risks like hypoxia, explosions or poisoning, we reduce or completely eliminate these risks with our confined space drones.

It’s true that marking and PPE can both be effective at protecting operators, but eliminating the need for them to enter in the first place is even better. Our confined space drones provide the answer and avoid exposing your oeprators to unnecessary risk,

Our UAVs Mitigate Risk and Reduce Costs

Our confined space drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles can be flown with precision and are able to navigate and negotiate cramped and confined spaces with ease. Being able to enter through narrow openings and travel with ease along tunnels and into storage tanks and containers, our drones provide the perfect solution when space is restricted. By using a drone, you can reduce the need to erect scaffolding and reduce the amount of time it takes to carry out integrity and routine checks.

The Best Solution For Industrial Inspections

At Multinnov, we understand the importance of tailoring our services to suit the needs of every industry. In industrial environments, there are often time constraints on inspections. We reduce the time it takes to carry out inspections of infrastructure, tools and equipment without any compromise on quality.

Reducing Downtime and Outages in Nuclear Plants

A confined spaces drone can greatly reduce unit outages and downtime in nuclear plants. These outages can cost your organisation a net loss of up to 1 million euros a day. Our drones save you considerable time and money and avoid exposing your personnel to unnecessary risk. We are able to control the drone from outside the environment while ensuring it flies where it needs to get to to ensure an accurate inspection.

Confined Space Drones in the Maritime Industry

Our confined space drones offer a viable alternative to carrying out inspections with human operators and we can tailor our services to suit your exact needs as a maritime organisation. From ballast tanks control and cargo unloading cranes to cargo holds and the control of engine rooms, our drones are able to enter and navigate these spaces and areas without any risk to operators or equipment in the vicinity.

The Inspection of Prodution and Storage Units

For organisations that rely on production and storage units, confined spaces drones can save the expense and time it takes to carry out inspections. These areas can differ greatly in size, access and application. Some are very cramped while others are quite large in size. Our UAVs get in and get out, carry out a thorough inspection to suit your needs.

The Perfect Solution For Underground Spaces

Arranging underground inspections can be a challenge. Not only is there the element of risk to human life through collapse but noxious gases can also be released underground that can lead to hypoxia or explosions. Don’t put your teams at risk when you don’t need to. Our confined space drones an be sent in to inspect collapsed galleries, check inside machines, and check the correct operation of equipment such as conveyor belts. And all of this without putting your operators at risk. In fact, nobody needs to enter an underground area when our confined space drones are deployed. From mapping natural rock formations to helping with cave recognition, our drones are invaluable for providing the same service human operators could provide but without the risk. Together with our photo and imaging technology, our clients get the best inspection services possible when they hire our services.

Years of Experience in Confined Space Drones

Here at Multinnov, we have years of experience in confined space drone technology and innovation. From measuring deformation and cracks in geological environments to checking the state of metal structures, our drones are incredibly versatile and can be adapted for multiple industries and applications. Quite simply, our drones can be the eyes and ears for your business, providing accurate reporting and imaging in spaces where it would be risky and challenging for an operator to reach. We would be delighted to tell you more about our range of products and services and how we can help you to keep up with your inspection obligations.

We save our clients the expense of building scaffolding and towers or investing in inspection equipment by providing confined spaces drones that put you in control of your environment. Confined spaces differ greatly but they all present a risk to human life. We save you the health and safety conundrum and overhead by providing drones that provide you with reliable imaging and reporting capabilities. Whether you need a confined space drone to inspect an oil container or a cave collapse, we can help. We’ve helped countless clients to carry out their inspections accurately, cost-effectively and safely and we’d be delighted to tell you more about how our services work.

Contact Us Today To Arrange Your First Inspection

If you think that your organisation could benefit from a confined space drone, get in touch with our team today. Our products and services are designed to suit the needs of many industries and are based on years of innovation, research and industry experience. No matter where you need your drone inspection, if our drones can get through the opening, you can be sure that they will deliver the best imagining in HD quality available. Speak to our team today to find out more about what we can do for your business or organisation and to reduce risk, costs, and liability.

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