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Multinnov specialist in robots UAV for confined space or environment inspections

Drone Pipeline Inspection

At Multinnov, we have years of experience in drone pipeline inspection and we’d be delighted to tell you more about the services and products we have to offer. Inspecting pipelines can be challenging and dangerous. We reduce the risk and bring you a solution that helps you to improve your safety record, protect your employees and reduce costs and time, all without compromising inspection quality.

Reasons to Choose Our Drone Pipeline Inspection Services

A common dilemma for pipeline managers is how to go about carrying out regular inspections while maintaining the safety of staff, the reduction of outages and the management of costs. There are many benefits to choosing a drone pipeline inspection, including :

  • Quick Inspections - Pipeline inspections by drones are quicker and easier, even in areas that are a challenge to reach by traditional means.
  • Frequent Inspections - Because a drone pipeline inspection is easier to carry out, it means you can carry out inspections more frequently and extensively. This not only improves efficiency of your operation but can also help to enhance the longevity of your assets.
  • Access to High Resolution Data - The more accurate and detailed data delivered by a drone pipeline inspection can assist managers with the proactive identification of defects. This could lead to fewer outages and reduced repair costs.
  • Cost-Efficiency - Drone pipeline inspections allow pipeline managers to reduce their inspection costs significantly as they eliminate the need to erect scaffolding or inspection towers or arrange training for teams. With a drone, the turnaround time is reduced, often by a number of days.
  • Increase Inspection Accuracy - A drone pipeline inspection also helps to reduce the chances of exclusions, errors, and the time it takes to carry out an inspection and obtain the required data. All data collected by our drones, whether it’s images or video, will be of the highest quality and resolution.
  • Harm Reduction - If you have areas that you consider to be a health and safety concern, using a UAV to carry out a drone pipeline inspection will help to protect your staff. You no longer have to assign staff to potentially dangerous tasks.

Choose How to Use Our Services

We give you a choice of purchasing a UAV for drone pipeline inspection or we can carry out your drone pipeline inspections for you. We’re experts in carrying out UAV inspections that are tailored to the exact needs of our clients. We’d be delighted to tell you more about our range of UAVs and rovers and our range of inspection services. No matter what type of pipeline or underground tunnel you need to inspect, we offer the safest and easiest way to do so. Whether you are in the oil and gas industry, mining, or geological industries, we can help you to reduce the risk to your employees, reduce costs, take less time to carry out inspections and fulfil your safety obligations, all without compromising on image or video quality. Call Multinnov today to find out more.

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