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Multinnov specialist in robots UAV for confined space or environment inspections

Indoor UAV

If you’re considering an indoor UAV for your confined space inspections, look no further than the experts here at Multinnov. Our UAVs and our skilled team can assist with the inspection of geological underground galleries, pipelines, petrochemical tanks, ventilation ducts, nuclear power plants, thermal chimneys and more. If you have a tight space that is proving to be more and more of a challenge to inspect, let our team manage everything for you. We have years of experience in UAV technology and helping our clients reduce their inspection overhead. From reducing the time it takes to carry out an inspection to helping our clients to protect their employees, an indoor UAV can transform the way you inspect confined spaces.

Why Choose an Indoor UAV ?

Indoor inspections can always pose a number of risks, especially in confined spaces. The risk of hypoxia, explosion, crushing, and more can all be present in certain conditions. By sending in one of our robots instead of a human, you can eliminate the risk to your employees and let our drones do the hard work. An indoor UAV is reliable, robust and can get to all the areas you need it to while reporting back live imagery and video in HD quality. The 4K cameras on our UAVs produce crystal clear images and will capture every detail you need, whether it’s the reading from a temperature gauge or the state of corrosion inside a tank.

Carry Out Regular Inspections With Ease

In many industries there is an obligation to carry out inspections on a regular basis so as to comply with the latest regulations. We make it easier, more affordable, and safer to carry out regular inspections with ease. You can choose to invest in our indoor UAVs or arrange for a member of our skilled UAV operator team to take care of your inspection for you. An indoor UAV can get up close and personal with your equipment and other assets to report back its findings. If our drones can get through an opening and have room on either side to fly safely, they can be used for inspection. Our indoor UAVs provide a cost-effective, efficient, and safe alternative to human operators and will report back inspection data in the highest quality.

The Only Indoor UAV You Need

Whether you need an indoor UAV for a maritime inspection, you need to inspect a nuclear power plant or you need a UAV for geological mapping, we have the solution right here. We’ll help you to meet your safety and inspection obligations and save you time and effort without compromising on inspection quality or data retrieval. We also save you the cost of arranging PPE for inspection staff or erecting structures such as scaffolding that will allow them to carry out inspections.

To find out more about the many benefits of our indoor UAVs, speak to the team here at Multinnov. We’re experts in all types of drone inspections and in helping our clients to find viable, quality, safe and efficient ways to inspect their assets.

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