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Multinnov specialist in robots UAV for confined space or environment inspections

Rover Inspection

If you are considering rover inspection you are in the right place. Here at Multinnov, we specialise in helping our clients to conduct confined space inspections safely and efficiently and with reduced overheads. Our rover can carry out a range of inspections including sewer and pipeline inspections and will be your eyes and ears on the ground, reporting back to base with video and imagery in the highest quality. Whether you have a routine inspection to carry out or you have an emergency problem that you need to send the rover out to inspect, you can do so quickly and without putting any of your team at risk.

That’s the beauty of carrying out a rover inspection. You can send your robot into these potentially hazardous areas and save your teams from injury and the risk of death. When you consider how dangerous some areas can be and the protective gear and training that your teams have to have to inspect an area, it’s much safer and more cost effective to arrange a rover inspection instead of a manned inspection.

High-Tech Rovers You Can Trust

Our rovers are equipped with 4K cameras, all-terrain tyres, and powerful lights to illuminate their way through dark tunnels and pipelines. You’ll be able to see everything in clear detail whether you choose to watch the action live or review it at a later date. Our rovers can capture everything throughout a rover inspection and can be customized with settings to suit your exact requirements. You can choose whether to purchase your own fleet of rovers or to hire one of our experts to carry out your inspection for you. With our years of experience in helping our clients to conduct rover inspections, you can trust us to get the highest level of data on your behalf. We work throughout Europe, assisting clients across a wide range of industries with their rover inspections and we’d be delighted to assist you too.

The Safer Way to Carry Out Confined Space Inspections

Our ROView rover is the first wireless terrestrial drone designed for ITV and offers full HD video playback. It’s a unique solution as it is able to travel on land and on water. That makes it the perfect solution for areas where water is present such as sewers or utility pipelines. Travelling down the pipeline, the rover will carry out its inspection taking video and photos as it goes. The 360 degree turret will ensure no details are missed and that you are always in total control of the captured data.

Speak To Our Team Today

To find out more about rover inspection and how we can help you to carry out your inspections safely, efficiently and at a reduced cost compared to manned inspections, speak to our team today. We’ll tailor our services to suit your exact needs and can provide you with a quotation for one of our rovers or unmanned ariel vehicles.

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