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Multinnov specialist in robots UAV for confined space or environment inspections

UGV Inspection

Have you heard of UGV inspections? They’re carried out by intelligent unmanned ground vehicles that travel to where you want them to go and carry out your confined space inspections in a safer, more cost-effective, and efficient way. Here at Multinnov, we’re helping clients throughout Europe across a wide range of industries to take control of the inspection process by using UGV inspection equipment instead of people. Every time you send your teams into a confined space, whether it’s a sewer, a mine, a storage tank, or a cave system, you put them at risk. Our solutions allow you to get the inspection data that you need to make decisions and fulfil your safety obligations. If you would like to find out more about UGV inspections and how they can help you to maintain the highest level of safety across your company or organisation, get in touch.

The Alternative Way to Carry Out Confined Space Inspections

Don’t send your people into risky situations unnecessarily. Our rovers are equipped with the technology required to capture high-quality images and videos as they travel through confined space environments. From the latest 4K cameras to powerful lights and 360-degree turret action, our rovers are able to drive deep into tunnels, pipelines, and other confined spaces to carry out a UGV inspection that gets you the information you require.

UGV inspections are much safer than manned inspections but come with a host of additional benefits. If you currently have to purchase large amounts of PPE for your inspection teams, you can save on these costs significantly. You can also send our UGVs into many spaces without arranging outages that could cost you thousands and even millions of euros. UGV inspections can also be carried out quickly. Simply send the UGV in, tell it where you want it to go, either by controlling it yourself or through one of our experienced operators, and collect the data you need. From inspecting collapsed galleries in mines to reporting back on sewer blockages or pipeline defects, a UGV inspection can tell you all you need to know when you need to know.

Choose How to Use Our UGV Inspection Products and Services

Here at Multinnov, we specialise in UGV inspections and UAV inspections. Whether you want to take advantage of our rovers or drones, you can be sure that your robot will capture all images and video in the highest quality possible. You can choose to view the images live or review them later once the UAV or UGV has finished its inspection.

We’d be delighted to tell you more about our UGV inspections and the difference they can make to your organisation. From safety improvements and cost savings through to compliance and efficiency, we help you to transform the way you currently carry out inspections throughout your business. Most importantly, we help you to avoid sending your precious employees into dangerous situations while also carrying out inspections to the highest standard.

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