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Multinnov specialist in robots UAV for confined space or environment inspections

Underground Drone Inspection

Whether you require an underground drone inspection for a mine, sewer, pipeline or cave formation, we’re here to help. Accessing and inspecting these areas safely can be a challenge and could put your teams at unnecessary risk. We say unnecessary because our underground drone inspections can capture the same data one of your operators can but without the risk. What’s more, our UAVs conduct underground drone inspections in less time, at a lower cost and without the usual safety provisions you would need for human inspectors.

We would be delighted to tell you more about our innovative and reliable unmanned aerial vehicles and the control they can give you over your inspections. We’re experts in confined space inspections and the robots and technology required to deliver safer, timelier, and more cost-effective inspection reports.

Use a UAV or Hire Our Skilled Operatives

Here at Multinnov, we give you the freedom to carry out your underground drone inspections your way. You can choose to purchase one of our state-of-the-art UAVs from us and have your trained operators use them according to the latest drone regulations or you can choose to hire our own skilled operators to carry out your inspections on your behalf.

Underground inspections come with their own unique set of challenges and safety constraints. Not only is there the risk of entering these confined spaces but there is also the risk of noxious gases and fumes, explosions and in some cases, the risk of collapse and crushing. This is where our underground drone inspection services come into their own. Our machines are able to observe exactly the same areas and concerns that a human operative would be able to do and can report back with HD quality imagery and video. There is no PPE required or access structures required such as scaffolding or towers.

No Compromise on Quality

If you’re wondering whether carrying out an underground drone inspection will mean your data is not of the same high quality, don’t worry. Our drones are equipped with 4K cameras that can pick up every detail, every reading, every trace of rust and every instance of a defect. No matter what areas you need to inspect or what images or video you need to collect, our underground drone inspection UAVs will provide the highest quality data.

Our UAVs also have powerful lighting, perfect for illuminating underground spaces, GPS-free stabilization which helps when GPS connectivity is low, and high-definition cameras that allow you to carry out underground drone inspections with complete confidence. Whether you need to inspect pipelines, sewers, caves, or mines, our solutions are the perfect choice.

Speak to the team here at Multinnov today to find out more about the products and services we have to offer. We’d be delighted to tell you more about how we can transform the way you conduct your underground inspections while still ensuring the integrity of your inspection data and collecting the information you require to protect your assets and make decisions.

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