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Multinnov specialist in robots UAV for confined space or environment inspections

Nuclear Power Plant Inspection

If you need to arrange a nuclear power plant inspection and want to reduce the risk to your staff and limit outages, consider doing things a different way. Nuclear power plants are one of the most challenging locations to inspect. They are highly regulated and require the highest level of safety provisions to be in place. An accident or leak could have devastating consequences on both employees and the local community. It’s therefore imperative that all inspections are carried out to the highest standard to ensure equipment is operating as it should.

Reduce Nuclear Power Plant Inspection Times

Carrying out a nuclear power plant inspection using drones can vastly reduce the time it takes for inspections to be carried out. For example, for a routine annual inspection, inspectors will need to use several ladders to access the areas they need to inspect, passing from low dose safer areas to higher dose areas. They would be required to dress in a full suit of disposable clothing with anti-contamination capabilities before entering these areas, take photographs or video at various points along the way, and evaluate the condition of power plant assets. Once the inspection is complete, they will then need to remove the anti-contamination clothing. They will also need to have another individual with them monitoring radiation levels. So, you’re not only needing to go through a lengthy inspection process but also exposing two people to radiation.

We give you a viable, safe, and faster way to carry out a nuclear power plant inspection with our unmanned aerial vehicles. They can be sent into any area to carry out a full inspection. No matter how many tank rooms need to be inspected, the UAV can fly in, run through the inspection tasks and capture everything in high definition images or video using its 4K camera. There’s no need for two people, not even one, and no need for protective clothing or equipment. We’d be delighted to tell you how much time and money can be saved when carrying out your nuclear power plant inspections in this way.

We Make Nuclear Power Plant Inspections Easier and Safer

We help you to carry out your nuclear power plant inspections in a safer manner without any degradation in quality. We understand how important it is to capture accurate information on every inspection, whether it’s a routine inspection or emergency inspection. We give you the option to purchase one of our UAVs for your own trained staff to pilot or you can choose to use our confined space inspection services. Our skilled team has years of experience in flying drones in challenging environments and will pilot your drone from outside of the danger zone.

Nuclear power plant inspections don’t need to be challenging or dangerous when there is an alternative. Speak to the team at Multinnov today to find out more about our products and services and to transform the way you carry out nuclear power plant inspections.

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