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Multinnov specialist in robots UAV for confined space or environment inspections

Oil and Gas Inspection

In the oil and gas industry, oil and gas inspections are critical to the efficiency and safety of your operation. When you need to carry out pre-scheduled tank inspections to scan for structural damage, environmental hazards, and other faults, you need an oil and gas inspection method that you can trust and repeat time and time again with the same impeccable results. Here at Multinnov, we offer oil and gas operators the perfect solution with our drone services. Whether you need to carry out an inspection of your pipeline or a storage tank, our drones can get into the smallest openings to carry out a thorough and accurate inspection. We give you a feasible alternative to manned inspections and help you to protect your personnel from the very real danger of hypoxia and explosions.

We have years of experience in providing oil and gas inspection services and we’d be delighted to tell you more about our solutions and how we can help you to protect what matters. From carrying out your safety obligations as an oil or gas supplier to carrying out emergency oil and gas inspections, we can help. We give you the option of choosing between purchasing our drones or outsourcing our services. For example, you might want to create your own fleet of drones that you can deploy whenever you need to. Or you might want to use the expertise of our team to carry out inspections on your behalf. However you want to use our services, we give you flexibility, professional service every step of the way and the freedom to use our services the way you want.

Inspect Your Storage Tanks With Confidence

No matter how you choose to inspect your storage tanks and pipelines, you can be sure that your oil and gas inspection will be carried out to the very highest standard. We save you from arranging manned inspections. Instead, you can send in one of our drones to carry out your inspection for you. Our UAVs are designed to take care of your inspection in the highest quality and will capture 4K quality images and video that you can view live or back in the office. Need to share data and images with other departments? We make it possible and easy with our drone oil and gas inspection services. You will always be in control of your inspection, whether you are controlling your drone yourself or informing our team of what you need to inspect. We work closely with our clients to ensure we are capturing the data you need to maintain your oil and gas assets, whether that’s checking for damage inside your storage tanks or checking the installation of pipelines has been carried out correctly.

With our indoor drones for oil and gas inspection you are always in control. We save you from sending in your personnel to inspect these often highly volatile areas. Each of our robots, whether you choose our UAVs or rovers, has been designed to reduce the time it takes to carry out inspections, the overheads involved with arranging inspections, and the human risk. If you are currently spending significant time arranging paperwork and outages for oil and gas inspections, we save you from many of these tasks and help you to avoid downtime. We also save you the cost of many items of PPE as you’ll be sending in a drone that requires no personal protection equipment.

Your Partner In Oil and Gas Inspections

Here at Multinnov, we’ve worked hard on our systems and software and offer a viable and cost-effective alternative to carrying out manned inspections. Our integrated application is easy to use and configure and gives you complete control over your oil and gas inspection parameters. Whether you need to adjust the lighting, adjust the flying mode or zoom into specific areas of your tanks or pipeline, you have all of these controls in the palm of your hand. Our drones are able to travel 150m and can be controlled safely outside the confined space area.

Over the years, we have been proud to assist countless clients across Europe and across many different industries. Put your trust in us and conduct your confined space inspections in an easier, quicker and safer way. With our indoor drones and rovers you will always be in complete control. Our number one priority is ensuring you capture the data and images that are important to you so that you can make crucial decisions about your infrastructure with confidence.

Whether you need to carry out a regular oil and gas inspection or you’re looking for a one-off inspection to be carried out, get in touch with our team. We’re experts in carrying out confined space inspections and have years of experience in the very unique requirements of the oil and gas industry. Speak to our team today to find out more about our services and products.

Speak to Our Team Today to Find Out More

An oil and gas inspection using an indoor drone or rover is the safest way to carry out inspections. We help you to maintain your infrastructure and meet your health and safety obligations without putting your operatives at risk. With our indoor drones, you can view your storage tanks and pipelines safely and in clear detail. Whether you need to view your assets in real time or you want to capture footage for viewing at a later date, we can tailor our drone services to suit your exact needs.

By arranging oil and gas inspection with Multinnov, you’ll be tapping into years of industry experience and some of the most innovative products and services on the market today. We’d be delighted to tell you more about the many benefits of arranging oil and gas inspection using robots. We’ve helped many clients across Europe to realise the time-saving, cost-saving, and safety enhancing benefits that using indoor drones has to offer.

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