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Multinnov specialist in robots UAV for confined space or environment inspections

Rover Sewer Inspection

If you need to carry out a rover sewer inspection, our ROView robot is the ideal solution. Able to inspect spaces over 450mm in diameter, our rover is able to take over your manned inspections and provide you with accurate report data that you can use to make decisions about your sewer infrastructure. Here at Multinnov, we have years of experience in helping clients to carry out sewer inspections safely and efficiently. You can choose to invest in your own rover or you can hire a member of our team to take care of your inspection on your behalf. However you choose to use our services, you can be sure of the highest quality imaging and video even in the most challenging of spaces.

The ROView is perfectly equipped for rover sewer inspection. With powerful lighting, a 360-degree view turret with 180-degree tilt and its 4K cameras, our rover leaves no stone unturned or tunnel unexplored when it comes to carrying out rover sewer inspections. Plus, our integrated software put you in complete control. Let our rover be your eyes and protect your teams from going into these challenging and confined spaces unnecessarily.

The Sewer Rovers You Can Trust

Here at Multinnov, we understand how important it is for you to collect data accurately and in the clearest detail possible. We want you to have a viable alternative to sending your operatives into sewer environments and we can only do that if our solution provides you with accurate data when and where you need it. From carrying out an emergency rover sewer inspection when there is a problem or conducting routine inspections, we can help you to improve safety without compromising on report data. We work with clients throughout Europe helping them with all aspects of rover sewer inspections. We can also provide drones or drone piloting services. Just let us know what you need and we’ll be able to assist.

The Safer Way to Carry Out Rover Sewer Inspections

We are proud of the innovations we make every day here at Multinnov. Our ROView rover is the first wireless terrestrial rover of its kind and is able to conduct rover sewer inspections safely and with the highest level of precision. It’s designed for ITV and offers full HD video capture and playback. From travelling on land to navigating over water, it’s the perfect solution for sewer lines and utility pipelines that you need to check. We make it easy, affordable, and safe to manage sewer inspections and the challenging risks they often present to human life.

Speak To Our Team Today

We’d be delighted to speak to you today about our rover sewer inspections. No matter what your obligations are to conduct sewer inspections or where you are in Europe we can help. We’ve been helping clients for years to carry out confined space inspections safely, at a reduced cost and in less time. And all without compromising on the quality of inspection imaging or data.

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