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Multinnov specialist in robots UAV for confined space or environment inspections

Sewer Inspection By Drone

Here at Multinnov, one of the areas we specialise in is sewer inspection by drone. Drones present a number of advantages when it comes to the collection of remote visual data, not least the safety aspect of sending in a robot rather than a human. Traditionally, sewer inspections are carried out in a number of ways, including manned entry, raft or sled-mounted remote inspection using CCTV cameras, and robotic inspection using CCTV cameras and/or sensors. However, many of these options present challenges and problems that sewer inspections by drone help to solve. Let’s take a closer look.

Sewer Inspection By Drone Saves You Money

Drones help to make sewer inspections more efficient than traditional methods of inspection. They remove the need to send inspectors into the sewer system and therefore reduce and eliminate the personnel costs associated with doing so.

A Safer Way to Arrange Sewer Inspections

Any confined space inspection presents a risk to those carrying out the inspection. In particular, sewers present a number of specific risks, including rushing water and the presence of high levels of noxious gases. In some cases, inspectors will need to wear scuba gear and PPE to protect them from being exposed to raw sewage when carrying out inspections. Arranging sewer inspection by drone, on the other hand, reduces and even eliminates the requirement to send inspectors into the sewer system, significantly improving safety.

High-Quality Visual Data

Carrying out sewer inspections by drone also gives you access to high-quality visual data in the form of captured images or video. When you need to pinpoint problems in an exact location and get a crystal clear visual representation that helps you to make decisions, drone sewer inspections are the perfect solution. What’s more, our UAVs are small, stable and easy to control, even in high flow conditions, and can easily enter a sewer system to collect data. And all without advance preparation or high costs.

Gain Access to Areas Where Manned Entry is a Challenge

Manned entry isn’t possible in all areas of a sewer but a sewer inspection by drone can solve this problem. Whether an opening is not safe for a human to enter or you would need to temporarily bypass flows in order to do so and incur costs, sewer inspection by drone allows you to enter and inspect these areas without disruption to service. Some robotic solutions, such as sleds, also cannot enter some smaller sewer areas due to their size. Our UAVs are able to access and inspect sewer systems through manholes and other entry points. Drone operators can operate the drone from outside the area and capture high-quality visual data no matter what the access issue.

To find out more about sewer inspection by drones, speak to the team here at Multinnov today. We can help you with our UAV products or arrange inspections on your behalf. Get in touch with our team today to tell us more about what we can do for you and how we can make your sewer inspections safer and more cost-effective.

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