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Multinnov specialist in robots UAV for confined space or environment inspections

Sewer Video Inspection

Sewer video inspection is one of the most challenging of all confined space inspections. These areas present a risk to anybody entering and health and safety needs to be the first priority. Noxious gases and fumes, raw seweage and the risk of flooding are all present down there and your teams will face almost constant risk while carryout out sewer video inspections. That’s where our rovers and drones come in. They provide the perfect alternative means of carrying out inspections and all without your employees needing to set foot into the sewers unnecessarily. When you need to inspect for wear and tear, damage, or blockages, our robots will carry out sewer video inspections to the highest standard, reporting back their findings in HD video or images.

Our drones and rovers are equipped with the highest quality 4K cameras. It means they can capture what is going on in your sewers in HD quality which you can choose to view as a live stream or as captured images and video. Our integrated software application puts you in complete control of both the configuration of your drone or rover and the data that it feeds back to you.

Trust Every Sewer Video Inspection You Make

We understand that you need your sewer video inspection data to be as accurate as possible so that you can plan for next steps when it comes to repairs, safety precautions, and deciding whether or not to send teams in to analyse the situation further. That’s why we’ve designed our robots to provide the highest quality feedback through images, sound, and video. It means you can send in a drone or rover to carry out sewer video inspections and save time and money in the process. Unlike people, robots don’t require any PPE or training to enter the sewer environment which can make things so much easier from a cost perspective.

The Safer Way to Carry Out Sewer Video Inspections

When you are looking to reduce health and safety risk across your business, the first place to look is where the biggest risks lie. That undoubtedly will be with sending employees into the sewers to carry out routine inspections and investigate issues. While a drone or rover may not be suitable for every mission, they will certainly be able to take on a large percentage of these inspections. With our sewer video inspection equipment, you can get up close and personal with the defects that need your attention and also fulfill your obligation to carry out routine inspections as a matter of regulations. With full HD video capture and playback, we help you to carry out your sewer video inspections to the highest standards.

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