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Range extender

allows you to move your emission/reception point where it’s the most convenient for you. Enhance your range in the most challenging environments.

SINCE 2012
SINCE 2012
displace your reception point

keep yourself away from hazard

By putting the range extender at a well thought place, you will be able to stay away from the drone working area and its intrinsic dangers. you won’t have to go down a sewer yourself or breath the dust lifted by your machine in a shaft.

Directional antenna

go further, work faster

By being a directional antenna, the range extender has a higher gain and therefore keep a good reception further away than the stock antennas. you will be able to go further in your inspections.


Do not let the terrain dictate where you can and cannot fly. Put your range extender strategically, keep your drone airborn, and complete your inspection.

range extender performance
range extender for confined space inspection

Technical information

Range Extender
Panel size
cable length
10m (15m on demand)
Antenna gain
14 dBm
Antenna aperture