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ITV sewerage and buried network in accordance with NF EN 13508-2

The inspection of underground networks such as sewerage and storm water drainage is a constraint for cities and towns. These networks age and must be inspected regularly as a preventive measure or following a detected disaster.

Multinnov, thanks to the development of its technical solutions such as the ROView ground vector and the UAView Stereo air vector, contributes to find solutions to inspect a very large part of these collectors, manholes and other structures to be monitored…

UAView Stereo aerial vector

The airborne vehicle allows rapid access with excellent reach to environments that are inaccessible to the rover. This is a significant added value, especially in the scenario of inspecting a badly damaged network.

Powerful lighting, a 180° rotatable camera, an external protective cage and the ability to measure distances along the way, allow the rover to visualise, identify and locate any faults in the collectors.

An application dedicated to underground network inspection

An integrated piloting application with different flight modes, lighting, etc., allowing the service to be carried out according to the customer’s request.

The UAView Stereo is capable of covering a distance of over 150m depending on the flight environment.

Full HD video feedback with no latency allows operators to target the areas to be surveyed more precisely in order to record all information in 4K.

ROView land/floating vector

The rover inspection is the solution that offers the best reach for its size. With manholes sometimes more than 200 metres apart, the ROView’s range of more than 300 metres allows for a complete inspection of the network.

In the event of a local flash, the ROView is not constrained in any way, unlike other solutions on the market which will remain blocked (large deposits of silt or stagnant water). In fact, thanks to its design, it can easily pass obstacles of all sizes or float/navigate if necessary to reach the rest of the inspection.

An application dedicated to underground network inspection

Endurance and buoyancy make the ROView a major force in network inspection. Like the UAView Stereo, it is equipped with full HD video feedback and 4K recording.

The ROView will travel between 400 or 500 metres depending on the network architecture. The distance measurement with an accuracy of 0.3% will provide the customer with a reliable answer regarding fault location.

As for fault measurement, this can be done dynamically via the test pattern. This is a major step forward in the field of confined space inspection.

Boat for pipe in charge

The BOAT is yet another solution proposed by Multinnov to complete the inspection possibilities in storm drains. This solution is designed for large diameter drains with heavy loads.

The BOAT has a remarkable extension by drifting with the current, always held by a cable. The wireless link inherited from its big brothers UAView Stereo and ROView allows it to do away with the need for a fibre optic connection and therefore to have a more compact and simple to set up solution while maintaining an excellent range.

An application dedicated to underground network inspection

The turret is very similar to that of the ROView and offers much the same functionality.

The two main differences are the distance measurement, which is done along the deployed cable and not by the motors, and the fact that the BOAT is a passive drone, only a rudder allows it to move from left to right, thanks to the relative current of the pipe.

However, the BOAT has the same radio range as the other solutions mentioned above. This makes it a machine capable of inspecting this type of network in total safety.

ITV report to NF EN 13508-2

The investigation and evaluation of sewerage networks for communities requires the edition of a report according to the NF EN 13508-2 standard. Multinnov is able to code its ITV reports to this standard.