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indoor inspection drone

Multinnov specialist in UAV for confined environments inspection

Confined space inspection is :

Reducing intervention cost by at least 70%, reducing from 2 to 5 times the time needed, to set up an inspection (such as building the scaffolding, requiring qualified personnel) while completely eliminating the risks for humans, saving significantly time and expenses of a technical inspection.

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CCTV Sewer Inspection
Chimney Drone Inspection
Confined Environments Inspection
Confined Space Drone
Confined Space Inspection
Confined Space Inspection By Drone
Confined Space UAV
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Drone For Confined Space Inspection
Drone Inspection
Drone Inspection Solution
Drone Mine Inspection
Drone Pipeline Inspection
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GPS Free Stabilization
Indoor Drone
Indoor Inspection Drone
Indoor UAV
Industrial Inspection Drone
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Nuclear Power Plant Inspection
Oil and Gas Inspection
Pipeline Inspection Robot
Pipeline Robot
Pipeline Video Inspection
Rover Inspection
Rover Pipeline Inspection
Rover Sewer Inspection
Sewer Inspection
Sewer Inspection By Drone
Sewer Video Inspection
Storm Drain Inspection By Drone
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UAV Inspection
UGV Inspection
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Use of Drones for Sewer Inspection
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